Jentry von Taylorhof, IPO1 will be bred to Octavio von Kaltwasser, AD, IPO1. The breeding is anticipated to take place in early June, 2017. Jentry is taking a break from competition for this litter. She is a rocket of a working dog, coupled with the stable, social temperament to be a fine companion.

Octavio von Kaltwasser, AD, IPO1 is from our own lines, sired by Grimm v.h. Groot Wezenland, IPO1 and Hind Di Casa Sintiago, who are both retired from our breeding program. In Octavio, they produced an awesome powerhouse of a working dog, his IPO1 scores were 98 88 98. He is trialing for his IPO2 June 3, 2017.

This litter will produce sables and maybe solid blacks. The puppies will be excellent prospects for sport as well as active family companions.