Welcome to Coldwater German Shepherd Dogs of North Carolina, home of quality working line German Shepherds and the Kaltwasser line of German Shepherd Dogs.

A German Shepherd puppy can be your family’s next best friend and your home’s first line of protection!

We are a small family operated kennel located in the Northern Piedmont area of North Carolina. Our dogs are selected from imported stock of West German, Czech Republic, DDR, and Dutch working lines of German Shepherd Dogs. All of our dogs are clear for hips/elbows and health evaluations. I only have dogs with excellent temperaments, good minds, strong character and nerves, nice structure and willing to please attitudes.

Puppies will all have plenty of drive for training and working, but not over the top prey-monster types. Some will have more drive than others and will be very suited to sport, police K9, and other working endeavors. While other puppies will be a bit more laid back and fit in well with families as companion dogs. Over these years Janette has evaluated many hundreds of puppies and has become very adept at pegging what an individual puppy will be like as an adult.

A Little About the Owners of Coldwater German Shepherds

Dr. Robert Oglesby and Janette Oglesby have been involved with German Shepherd Dogs, puppy care, and training for many years. In her previous life Janette was a veterinary practice manager, veterinary technician, and kennel manager. During the past 15 years she has been evaluating, working, training, titling, and breeding these fabulous dogs. She is a member of DVG and is involved with several working dog clubs and groups.

Robert, now retired, has been in veterinary practice for over 32 years and maintains the successful website www.horseadvice.com. He is responsible for the veterinary care of the dogs. Our daughter Robin Oglesby participates in the family business as Coldwater Canine Academy, a professional companion and sport dog training enterprise and the handler/trainer for our upcoming young sport dogs.

A Little About the German Shepherds

Our male and females are often purchased titled or started prospects from Europe after a thorough evaluation. We also use quality outside males for genetic and color diversity. More recently we are breeding, raising, training, then titling our own dogs. Helping us with training and titling is Frans Slaman of Zen Dog Training. Occasionally some of these older puppies or young green dogs are available. To approved females we offer the German Shepherd stud dog Hyro od Tyrusky, IPO3.

Our goal is to be able to offer your family the opportunity to welcome into your home your new best friend and family protector.