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We strive through strict bloodline/pedigree selection, hip and health testing, adherence to structure and temperament requirements, to produce the most healthy, solid, stable German Shepherd puppy possible.

These European working line German Shepherd Dogs are indeed the most intelligent canine on the planet. They are smart, perceptive, they bond tightly with their families and are incredibly loyal. These dogs have the ability to discern the intents of people, they can tell those who are friends from those who may intend harm.

We recommend training, beginning at an early age to ensure that your puppy is everything that you have dreamed of. We can provide elements of this training through our daughter, Robin’s business, Coldwater Canine Academy. There are a variety of programs available to assist you in getting off to a good start with your puppy as well as advanced programs to launch your team into competition.

Autumn von Narnia, IPO1 X Balto van Cootplein, IPO3 Litter

Our litter from Autumn von Narnia, IPO1 x Balto van Cootplein, IPO3 arrived  May 18, 2017. There are 8 females, 2 solid black, 6 black & tan and 1 solid black male. This litter will produce puppies capable of sport, work and suitability for families.

There are females still available. Accepting deposits now.

Autumn is a daughter of Robin Winter’s very sucessful competition female Fiesta von Narnia, IPO3. She is a friendly, social lady who is also very beautiful and athletic.

Balto is a Netherlands import male, with a large, masculine head and nice heavy bone. He is a friendly, social dog who is his owner’s personal favorite house dog. On the field his work ethic is stable and solid.


Balto v. Cootplein, IPO3 Resting
Balto v. Cootplein, IPO3 Resting

Balto van Cootplein, IPO3 is a direct import from Holland. He is a normal rated for hips and elbows. Balto is a large, handsome male with a masculine head, good bone and excellent structure. On the working field he exhibits the work ethic expected from a pedigree such as his. He is a friendly, social dog, whose owner reports is one of the best house dog’s she has ever had. We thank Birgit Hall for allowing us to breed to this fine male, …pedigree.

Autumn von Narnia, IPO1
Autumn von Narnia, IPO1

Autumn von Narnia, IPO1 is a daughter of Fiesta von Narnia, IPO3, T.D. and Charlie von Schwiezerhof, IPO3. She is a lovely, bi-color young lady who loves to work. Her performance in all three phases is excellent. She is very friendly and social and is great with children and other dogs. We are delighted to add her to our kennel. Autumn’s hip and elbow evaluations are all clear…pedigree..